Multiplicity of Thought

Productivity Powered by Diversity: An Effective Training Approach to Diversity of Thought!

Diversity of Thought (DoT) is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business world. Companies that embrace DoT foster a positive and inclusive workplace culture and see a significant increase in productivity and success.

Diverse teams are 35% more likely to have better financial results

This statement is according to a study by McKinsey & Company, diverse teams are 35% more likely to have better financial results compared to non-diverse teams. This is due to the different perspectives and ideas that diverse team members bring to the table, which leads to increased creativity, innovation, and productivity.

Most Diversity Training Falls Short

Unfortunately, most diversity training today may check out the training requirement for the company, but it doesn’t achieve the potential increase in productivity. The reason is simple, most training methods assume the position that individuals will change their unconscious bias if they are asked to do it and don’t address solutions effectively. Their approach doesn’t consider that unconscious bias is shaped through time by our upbringing, environment, cultural background, and personal experiences. This is similar to asking someone to start speaking a language they haven’t learned. Like learning a language, overcoming the unconscious bias that affects productivity needs to be recognized and shaped the same way as the original bias.

Productivity Powered by Diversity (DDA)

Our innovative Diversity of Thought training is engineered to enable all individuals within the organization to harness the strength of diverse perspectives, fostering a workplace that authentically embraces and harnesses differences. This training approach transcends conventional diversity and inclusion programs by prioritizing strategies to transform the organization’s unconscious biases into catalysts for achieving corporate objectives.

Focusing on practical skills, our training provides a comprehensive understanding of the significance of diverse ideas in the workplace. Participants will delve into the integration of various dimensions of diversity, the importance of fostering inclusive communication, and strategies for harnessing diverse ideas effectively. Moreover, this training equips individuals with actionable techniques to prevent counterproductive issues that can hinder the attainment of company goals.

Different from most diversity training, “Productivity Powered by Diversity” (PPD) overcomes the most challenging barrier to success, “Unconscious Bias.” PPD takes individuals through a learning journey and understanding differences, connecting the need for productivity and accepting diverse differences. Learning in our program is not a one-time event; instead, it’s an ongoing, daily practice that we refer to as “Diversity Daily Action” (DDA). DDA emphasizes the continuous integration of diverse ideas into one’s daily life, fostering a lifelong commitment to diversity.

In addition, the training also provides actionable steps within the “Daily Diversity Action” program for management, employees, and organizations to create inclusive spaces and environments, implement policies and procedures, and engage in diversity and inclusion initiatives. By learning how to celebrate and leverage differences, employees and organizations can drive increased productivity and success.

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