JCP’s DoT Program Flowchart

AI Inherent State Analysis

This stage represents the foundational assessment using artificial intelligence to understand the inherent cognitive states and natural predispositions of individuals or groups. It gives insights into unconscious biases, thought patterns, and default cognitive processes.

Diversity Index

After the AI analysis, the diversity among the individuals is quantified using the ‘Diversity Index.’ This metric gauges the variety of thought processes, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a group, emphasizing the importance of a diverse range of views.

AI DoT Plan

Based on the findings from the initial AI analysis and the Diversity Index, a strategic Diversity of Thought (DoT) plan is formulated. This plan aims to harness diverse perspectives optimally and to address any identified gaps or biases.

AI-Based DoT Training

Implementing the formulated plan involves specialized training modules powered by AI. These training sessions are designed to educate and enhance employees’ cognitive capabilities, emphasizing the importance of embracing diverse thoughts and challenging inherent biases.

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