JCP’s Safetynel

The Safety Sentinel:
Your AI-powered Guardian in Safety

Incident Analysis at Your Fingertips: The Safety Sentinel, crafted by JCP, empowers Safety Managers to dissect and understand incidents with precision, providing in-depth analyses of causation and offering actionable solutions.

Proactive Prevention: Beyond analysis, this AI tool is pivotal in preventing future mishaps. It equips Safety Managers with foresight, turning data into a roadmap for safer tomorrows.

Versatile Training Companion: The Safety Sentinel transcends its role as an analytical tool, emerging as an invaluable ally for comprehensive safety training across the company.

Customized Learning Recommendations: It intelligently curates a selection of training videos tailored to address specific safety challenges and enhance your team’s preparedness.

Harnessing Multiplicity of Thought: This innovative tool leverages the power of multiple perspectives to fortify your safety strategy, ensuring a well-rounded approach to incident prevention.

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