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Ensuring a Safer Worksite Today!

Innovative Safety

JCP’s AI-driven safety solutions leverage Multiplicity Index metrics, safety prevention tools, and targeted training to proactively address behaviors that risk workplace security, fostering an inclusive, safer environment for all.

JCP’s Safetynel Tool

Leveraging the power of the Safetynel tool, companies now have instantaneous safety incident prevention powered with AI technology at their fingertips, enabling proactive prevention strategies crucial for workplace safety. With just a picture of the work site, this versatile companion tool analyses potential risk factors. It presents safety prevention recommendations, ensuring a well-rounded approach to incident prevention and fostering a culture of continuous safety improvement.

Harnessing Multiplicity of Thought: Enhancing Safety

Supercharge Safety Through Thought Diversity: JCP’s AI-powered Diversity of Thought program is a game-changer in preemptive safety measures. By promoting diverse perspectives, AI analytics, and our unique Diversity Index, we elevate hazard identification and mitigation to unparalleled levels, paving the way for a safer, more inclusive workspace.
The JCP’s Diversity of Thought Program flowchart:

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Diversity Index

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A.I. Produced Multiplicity of Thought Training

Ditch the old-school diversity training that tries to force folks to change their unconscious biases and say hi to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered learning journey about embracing differences to boost productivity. Our Productivity Powered by Diversity (PPD) training is all about blending diverse perspectives and showing how they can help us tackle corporate goals together. It’s all about encouraging everyone to get on board with Diversity Daily Actions (DDA) and see how our different viewpoints can supercharge our productivity. Come along on this awesome journey to a more inclusive and productive workplace!

Multiplicity of Thought training developed with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

AI technology ensures consistency and precision in delivering Diversity of Thought training content, ensuring a standardized experience for all participants. It effectively counters any potential biases that might arise from human trainers, offering a more objective and impartial approach to learning. Moreover, AI tailors the content to cater to the unique needs of each participant, crafting a highly personalized learning journey. By integrating AI technology into Diversity of Thought training, organizations can efficiently and effectively educate their employees on the significance of embracing diverse perspectives, thereby cultivating a more diverse, inclusive, and ultimately productive workplace.

Integrate Diverse Ideas to Achieve Safety Goals

Measure Diversity

Identifying safety progress through the integration of a quantifiable Diversity Index can lead to efficiency gains and a safer work environment.

AI-Powered Strategic Plan

JCP’s Diversity of Thought (DoT) plan transforms diverse perspectives into a blueprint for a safer organization.

Training and Evaluating

AI-Powered Diversity of Thought training increases awareness, promotes changes, and positions them to be safer.

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