Revolutionizing Construction Safety with AI-Powered Solutions

Ensuring a Safer Worksite Today!

JCP’s AI-driven safety solutions leverage Multiplicity Index metrics, safety prevention tools, and targeted training to proactively address behaviors that risk workplace security, fostering an inclusive, safer environment for all.

Safetynel: Prevents Safety Incidents

Leveraging the power of JCP’s Safetynel tool, companies now have instantaneous safety incident prevention powered with AI technology at their fingertips, enabling proactive prevention strategies crucial for workplace safety.

Your Safety Sentinel

Transform your construction site with JCP’s Safetynel, the AI-driven guardian that proactively identifies hazards and crafts a safer, more efficient working environment. Experience the future of construction safety today, where cutting-edge technology meets unwavering protection.

Worksite snapshot saves a fortune in safety costs

Safetynel, a versatile companion tool, analyses potential risk factors using just a picture of the work site. It presents safety prevention recommendations, ensuring a well-rounded approach to incident prevention and fostering a culture of continuous safety improvement.

Preventive Safety Survey, AI Analysis & Report

This involves gathering data through surveys to understand the workforce’s inherent behavior towards safety, various perspectives, and cognitive styles within a company. The data is processed using AI analysis to identify and prioritize potential safety incident patterns and insights, which are compiled into a comprehensive report, including a safety incident mitigation plan. This report helps companies understand potential safety incidents and how to avoid them, reducing accident costs.

A.I. Powered Multiplicity of Thought Training

Ditch the old-school diversity training that tries to force folks to change their unconscious biases and say hi to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered learning journey about embracing differences to boost safety and productivity. Our Multiplicity of Thought training is all about blending various perspectives and showing how they can help us tackle corporate goals together. It’s all about encouraging everyone to get on board with Safety Daily Actions (SDA) and see how our different viewpoints can supercharge our safety and productivity. Come along on this awesome journey!

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